"The Best Way Out, Is Always Through." 

- Robert Frost

Areas of Expertise
Anxiety / Depression / Life Transitions / Relationship Difficulties/ Anger/ Loss and Grief /Spiritual or Religious Concerns /Parenting/Stress Management/Childhood or Adult Trauma/ Shame-Guilt / Abuse Survivors / Phobias

Sessions are based on your goals and desires and are an invitation for you to explore, experience, heal,  transform, and grow.  Sessions will be relationally oriented and based on discovering how past experiences influence our present and future. We will work to heal any part of your life that is keeping you in bondage.  Whether it be from your childhood or recent past, our work together will be focused on bringing you into freedom.

Because I tailor my approach according to your individual needs,  I integrate a variety of tools,  based on the reason you have sought out therapy. Typically, I use talk therapy combined with the integration of one or some of the following techniques: EMDR, Brain Spotting, Somatic Approach (techniques used to facilitate recovery from Trauma), as well as Gestalt and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (techniques used to connect patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with present conflicts) .